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Rosie The Riveter Guitar for Mr John Veld

by | October 9, 2018

In March 2018 I received a message from a gentleman who lived in the United States, Mr John Veld, he told me he was purchasing a guitar from Emerald Guitars, he had seen my work on the Robert Mizzell Guitar and that he would like me to paint it for him. He sent me on […]

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Custom Guitar for Country Artist, Muscian Robert Mizzell

by | September 28, 2018

My story with Emerald Guitars started in September 2016. Alistair, the owner of the company, messaged me wanting to know if I’d be interested in painting a guitar he was building for country music singer Robert Mizzell. I said “yeah sure I’d love to”, but as I’m more of a Seattle grunge person I have […]

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